Lets not skip introductions.

My name is Amy Natasha Constantine, daughter of Sarah and Nick.

I’m an open book. If people are curious about me, I’m more than happy to tell all. If I had something to hide, it would be rather obvious.

I’m a photographer specialising in live music, events, weddings, portraits, etc. You name it, I shoot it. From my passion of photography, I started collecting old film cameras. I also process my own film in my bathroom.

I am a serial hooker. No, I’m not a ‘lady of the night’, I mean I’m always crocheting. I also stitch, bake and make. I absolutely love the satisfaction of starting a new project and then when you get so close to finishing it it, and it’s three more stitches away and the excitement sets in. Then when it’s done, you sit back with a cup of tea and admire your work.

This blog is going to be my way of keeping track of current and past WIP’s, thoughts, etc.. My own little corner of the internet.

I thank you in advance for reading any of my ramblings on here.


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