Looking into a woman’s handbag is an insight to her mind.

The other week at work, a colleague got a small bug bite but was complaining about it it itching up a storm. I marched her up to my locker and whipped out some Savlon for bites and stings and she saw the organised mess that is the inside of my bag.

 Here is the bag in question.


My trusty oilcloth green polka dot satchel from none other than Home Bargains. It has more pockets and compartments than I know what to do with, but I love it!

In the zippy compartment in the main part of my bag, I keep the following items.


Sun cream SPF 15, Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel, Savlon for Bites and Stings, Oragel, Paracetamol, Anti-Diarrhea Capsules and a Sanitary Towel.

You never know when you’re going to need any of them, so if they all fit into one compartment, why not keep them all?!

The following live in the inside pocket of my bag.


Two purse sprays from Avon, two Avon lipsticks (one light, one dark), Laffy Taffy Cherry lip balm and Avon On Point Eyeliner in Black.

I normally change the lipsticks in my bag every two weeks to different shades, but every now and then I end up with more than two in my bag because I forget to take them out or grab a different one before I leave the house and it gets shoved in the bottom of my bag.

In the main compartment and two front pockets of my bag are the following items.

1002742_10151725512722848_187283704_n 692_10151725512707848_2064800327_n

Business cards from, ear plugs in an old film canister, a handful of Werther’s Originals with the crunchy/gooey centers, my purse (Cath Kidston of course!), black biro, black permanent marker, 2013 day planner, Norwegian formula hand cream,  Nivea roll on deodorant, Avon cherry foot spray, pop up brush with mirror, house keys on a curly-whirly and an attack alarm.

Lastly, my favourite thing in my whole bag…

1011839_10151725512882848_971430971_n 968947_10151725512887848_1748541800_n

I only received it this morning but I absolutely love it. The product is from and is a Credit Card Lightbulb. I’d been eyeing the product up for some time and when payday came around I decided to buy the item along with a few other things to make the postage worthwhile. It’s a little thicker than a normal credit card, but due to its size, I can put it in my business card holder instead of adding to the plastic in my purse.

So now you’ve seen an insight as to what’s in my bag, you can understand how hectic everything always is. I keep everything in my bag and for every occasion there is always something.


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