Musical guilty pleasure.

We all have our own musical guilty pleasures. When I was 14, my music taste was rather strange, and I loved Metro Station. Yup, I just admitted that!

A couple of months ago, I attended Slam Dunk festival with a couple of friends and my good friend Aimee wanted to see Pierce the Veil. The band decided to play King For A Day and had guest vocalist Kellin Quinn sing with them live too as well as on the recorded album version of the track. I had never listened to PTV before, nor had I shown an interest in listening to Sleeping With Sirens. So when I couldn’t see the stage, I thought a female was singing with them. I then realised it was Quinn on stage with them, but I much prefer the recorded version to when they play it live.

I can now categorically state it is guilty pleasure of mine. I am yet to find any other tracks by PTV that I like or can easily listen to.


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