Small girl, big adventure.

It has been a while since I posted on here, and I regret that. I’ve had so much I’ve wanted to put on here but just couldn’t find the right words to represent what I wanted to get across.

I recently went in for flexible working with my employer to allow me to not have shifts on Fridays after 6:15, Saturdays and Sundays so I could take more bookings for my photography. After about a month of going through the process of meetings with my manager so she could understand the situation, I was refused my flexible working. I was basically told to give up my dream of making it as a photographer and give up my business or give up Debenhams PLC. The moment I read the words and my boss asked for my opinions on the matter, I just wanted to rip my name badge off and tell her that I’m not going to give up what I love doing because of Debenhams.

This week so far however has given me a taste of what it would be like to be doing my photography full time. I had two shifts this week, Sunday and Monday morning, allowing me to use my whole week to actually do things undisrupted.

I had a shoot booked up for Monday evening at Chalkwell beach with some local fire performers. I’ve worked with one of them before a good few years back and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. When I was asked to shoot him again along with a lot of his friends, I jumped at the chance! Here is one of the photographs I got from the shoot (Excuse the poor quality, I took a photograph from my monitor just so I could show everyone)

Source: Amy Constantine Photography

Today I went on a huge adventure for my photography, to Ipswich to do a shoot with Harrison. I managed to get stung by a bee on my way to the station by it flying through my car window whilst driving along at 60mph, hitting me in the shoulder and stinging me. For my first ever bee sting, I’m shocked at how huge it has gotten!

photo 4

I really enjoyed travelling to somewhere different for a shoot, especially because I was recognised on my way there. I’m used to when people come up to me in Southend saying “you’re Amy Constantine right? Nice work!” but when a passenger got on the  train at Colchester and starts staring at me weirdly then announces to the whole carriage “Oh my god, it’s Amy Constantine, the photographer!” I was blown away! To get recognised out of Southend is amazing but it means I’m doing something right. I continued on my journey and was recognised for the second time outside Ipswich station. Standing there, minding my own business waiting for Harrison to meet me, when a friendly stranger comes up to me and asks me if I know how to get to the town center. I answered that I didn’t and I was sorry, he went “Not from around here then?” to which I responded “Nope!” then something must’ve clicked in his mind and he asked if I was Amy, then if I was the photographer. After a lovely chat with my stranger friend/fan, he wished me well and luck on my shoot and for the future. A very strange day indeed! I took so many photographs at the shoot and  even went old school and snapped a couple of Polaroids.

photo 3 (1)

I have a couple of little shoots booked for the rest of the week and then I have a huge pile of editing to go through before a busy week at work next week.

I also promise to update this more!


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