My latest adventure.

Cred: Aimee Tarlings Instagram
Cred: Aimee Tarlings Instagram

I’ve wanted to learn an instrument for quite some time now. I tried learning guitar but no matter how much I tried to, there was just too much to work out and remember whilst playing.

It was then after having a chat with my good friend, Russell, that he suggested I try learning bass instead. One afternoon we went to PMT Southend and I tried the beauty in the photograph above. It is the Eastcoast BC300 Fusion 3/4 in Natural Satin. I’ve played around with a couple of basses since trying this one, and it is still my favourite. However I managed to pick up an Encore short scale bass online for £10. As a practice instrument, it’s perfect whilst I’m still learning.

An awful lot of people when they have found out about my new adventure have gone “But you’re a photographer, you photograph musicians, why are you becoming one?!” I may be learning to play, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to join a band..

Due to being so busy with working and travelling for shoots and editing, I’ve not been able to spend as much time recently playing around with my new toy and learning. Although when I did, I managed to learn the start of The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army. I’m not sure what I played exactly note wise, but I still managed it!


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