Outfit of choice.


Two weeks ago I photographed my first wedding of the year.

The day before I panicked because I had no idea what to wear. The last time I photographed a wedding was just under a year ago and that was a family event too. I FaceTime’d my best friend Maximus Holland throwing dresses at my camera asking him to pick one. Out of seven dresses I showed him, he was adamant that this was the one to wear. “You don’t want to stand out too much, but you want people to know you’re the photographer. It also suits the occasion and looks pretty.” If I’m ever stuck for what to wear, this guy helps me out. First date? MAX WHAT DO I WEAR?! is generally something I FaceTime him with an awful lot.

I purchased the dress a few weeks back whilst at Lakeside with my good friend Alicia. We were at Yo! Sushi and somebody thought it would be an amazing idea to drop their drink from the food court and it landed right on our table, exploded on us and covered us. We finished our meal and hit Primark up to get something cheap and nice to change in to and I found this beauty. £13.00 which is the general price for their nice dresses and it had to be mine… Along with a Wonder Woman t-shirt.

The dress was a huge hit with my clients and a lot of the people at the wedding asked about the dress, etc.


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