How do you like to spend your Sundays?

Recently I have had every weekend off of work and I am loving it. I’m managing to fit in so much cooking, baking and crafting which is making me unbelievably happy!

This Sunday I had the house to myself as Mum was working and Dad was at an event to do with his midlife crisis. I took the opportunity to try a recipe I saw on Pinterest of Baked Organic Zucchini Chips or for us non-Americans, Baked Courgette Crisps. I am a huge fan of root vegetable crisps, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend £2-4 on a bag which mostly consists of air. I generally find they are covered in way too much salt too.

Courgettes sliced, seasoned and about to be baked.
Courgettes sliced, seasoned and about to be baked.
Second batch fresh out of the oven.

The recipe calls for the courgettes to be baked for an hour and a half and to check them every ten minutes after the initial hour. I made a slight boo-boo with this first batch. I baked them for an hour and forty minutes but some of them just didn’t seem to dry out as much as I would’ve hoped for. I put this down to the fact I had overlapped an awful lot of them (I got a bit happy on my slicing!) I found one downfall with these crisps, and that was that they are very moreish. They lasted about 30 minutes out of the oven until they were all gone.

I decided to have a nice relaxing bath and contemplate what I fancied making for dinner. I had bought a huge pack of carrots with the intentions to make carrot crisps as well but gave up on the idea after the courgette crisps. I settled on the thought of making carrot soup. I have only ever made soup from scratch a couple of times and it was never really that much of a success. Last year when my EDS was really bad and I was suffering from multiple back spasms and dislocations a week, I ate carrot and coriander soup an awful lot. Sadly all from the can. As the weather changes to the horrible, grotty rainy days, I always start craving the wintery soups, carrot and coriander being one I associate with this weather. Whilst checking to see if I had all the right stuff to make my soup, I realised we didn’t have any coriander so a little improvisation was needed.

Soup before blending.

For the soup, I put a knob of butter into my saucepan and put it over a low heat until melted. I then added two sliced onions and put the lid on the pan and left it. I checked it every now and then stirring the onions to make sure they didn’t burn or start sticking to the bottom. I prepared 3 beef stock cubes with a litre of hot water and when the onions were nicely golden and soft, I put the stock and chopped carrots in and let cook over a medium/low heat for half  an hour. When the carrots had gone sort of mushy, I added salt, pepper, and some mixed herbs to the pan for seasoning. I blended the soup in batches (mostly to avoid burning myself!) and once I had done that, I returned it to the heat for twenty minutes to cook.

Carrot soup after blending.

When I announced to my father that I was cooking carrot soup for dinner, he turned his nose up at the thought of it. Little did he realise it was actually really nice. I cooked enough for myself, him and my mum and I had to stop him going back for seconds so there was some for Mum when she finished her evening shift.

Which brings me to my question, what does everyone else do on their weekends off?


2 thoughts on “How do you like to spend your Sundays?

  1. I usually end up with two days off a week depending on my workload. One of these days is for doing things, the other is for doing as little as possible, eg: reading, music, etc. It’s a good system. We all spend far too much time running around doing XYZ, when we should be doing little. Have a nice weekend.

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