A girly day in.. In the kitchen!

I think if I could spend most of my time in the kitchen,  I would. When I am cooking or crafting, I am at my happiest and the smell of fresh cooking filling my home is just divine.

Last week Aimee came over for the day so I could alter some of her clothes that she has asked me to do and bake. For the past month she has been nattering on at me about Funnel Cakes, describing them as “doughy deep fried things”. I do not usually deep fry anything,  however this time I decided it was a good opportunity to whack the deep fat fryer on. We used Grandbaby Cakes Funnel Cake recipe for the cakes and made a slight alteration on the recipe by using wholemeal flour and a little extra milk.

I absolutely love piping so being able to get the disposable piping bags out of the cupboard from Asda really makes my day.  I piped the funnel cake batter into the hot fryer and swirled as I went. The batter sunk to the bottom of the basket I put in there and when it was cooked on the underside, it would rise to the top. I used tong to flip it over and cook until golden on the other side. The funnel cakes are best served hot and covered in icing sugar. Alternatively you could mix it up a little bit like I decided to. I purchased ASDA’s own hot chocolate topper which is a mixture of vanilla and cinnamon flavouring.  I do also think, when the funnel cakes are cold, they’re a smidge dry, which I think would go very nice with some Madagascan Vanilla ice cream.

Me with funnel cake batter, ready to swirl.
Me with funnel cake batter, ready to swirl.

Freshly fried funnel cakes.
Freshly fried funnel cakes.


After fulfilling Aimee’s craving for Funnel Cake, I decided it was time to try and perfect my macarons. I had a box of buttercream in the fridge that needed using and we decided to go for it. I followed the recipe I used previously but I had adjusted a few little things. Nowhere on the original recipe does it say leave the macarons after you’ve bashed them on the bench for 20 minutes to become slightly dry. I watched numerous videos on youtube and everyone else had done this, so I adopted it into my process of making them.  I baked them for 20 minutes and then let them cool on the tray before taking them off of the baking sheet. They came off a lot nicer this way. I filled with the chocolate buttercream and I think I can say that I nailed it.

Purple macarons with chocolate buttercream filling.

To round the evening up, we finished with a chinese takeaway and trashy TV.


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