Too many failed dates for one year!

Sitting back and observing this year, I realise I have stepped out of my comfort zone for an awful lot of things. One of these things has been dating. Before the start of this year I had never been on a proper date. I have now been on my own fair share of them now and all of them have amounted to nothing except a whole bunch of hangovers!

I personally do not think I will ever forget my first date. We had set the time and date three days before the evening itself and I was a nervous, giddy mess. I called on my two best girl friends, two guy friends and my mother for advice on what to wear as I had wanted to make a good impression. My mother kept telling me to not be so silly and the two guy friends were just amazed I was even going on a date with the guy. My two best girl friends both had conflicting opinions on my attire. We came up with something excellent and I felt stunning. My date took me to play pool at Southend seafront (I’d never played pool before, so it was kind of cute because he got to teach me to play.) and then went to win a teddy at the arcades (Which failed!) Afterwards we went for a few drinks. The evening was lovely and my cheeks actually ached afterwards from smiling so much. Sadly this didn’t work out.

There was then some random dates with musicians that also didn’t amount to anything. I then met a lovely guy who was the frontman from a band I’d started working with. He somehow managed to get me to agree to go on a date with him (I believe we were both drunk, which means not much persuasion must’ve gone into it!) and he decided to cook me dinner. Only one guy has ever cooked for me before, so it was going to be interesting! When I arrived at his for him to cook me dinner, I realised he lived in my aunts old house and his family were the ones that purchased it from her. It was so strange and felt ever so slightly nostalgic due to the fond memories I had of the place. He cooked me spaghetti bolognese, played me my favourite song on guitar and we then watched a film. This also didn’t work out.

Then there is the most hilarious failed date of all the year (and I’m so thankful we can laugh about this one!) I met someone whilst photographing Wheatus (yup.. I’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby…) at my local venue of Chinnerys. He was whispering things that would make good photographs in my ear and I humoured him at the end of the evening by giving him my business card saying if anything he’d said to me made it as a photograph, it’d be on the website. The day after, I received an email from him saying it was lovely to meet me and if I would like to go for a drink with him. We exchanged a lot of emails and messages until I caved in and agreed to the one drink. Our one drink turned into an awful lot of drinks and some 40% Black Seal Rum..  It was only when I stumbled upon his driving licence I found out he was 40 years of age. I may have been very drunk, but I can still do math to work out how old someone is. When he finally got into his head that it wouldn’t work, he admitted he wanted to (and I quote) settle down with you, marry you and have kids. I’m sorry, what?! The fact he was double my age and old enough to be my father wasn’t screaming weird at him says an awful lot.

So I’ve shared my failed dating experiences for this year with you all. Now it’s your turn to spill yours to me! I’m intrigued to hear your stories!


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