Something to be proud of!

12 months ago I started working for Debenhams PLC as a Sales Advisor on a temporary contract over the festive period. I was told there was the possibility to be kept on after the finish date on my contract as a permanent member of the team. I worked my butt off for the three months and when I was told I was being kept on, I could’ve cried with happiness. It was when I started my permanent contract I really became part of the team. So much so, one of my colleagues shoved me into the lingerie dressing room for a bra fit.

It was then I learnt about Curvy Kate and really noticed that my body is beautiful and curvy. Not something to be ashamed of. I am not afraid to admit, I was one of those girls who was pining over having a thigh gap, a flat stomach and a nice round bum… Like the girls in the magazines/on the internet. Instead I was fat, always buying new jeans because of my thighs rubbing together and the fabric ripping and my belly being a nasty sight above my belt. All of the running around I was doing at Debenhams allowed me to drop some of my weight and I’m finally happy with my body for once. I’m still chubby but not as big as I used to be and I’m happy. Everything is a size 16 again and I love it!


Which brings me to the original reasoning behind this post. Today I was very proud of Debenhams as a whole. Earlier in the year, I saw a post on Peppermint Style’s facebook page about “plus size mannequins” and my first thought was “It’s about time!”. However today we finally have a new fixture. Our size 16 mannequins to stay. They’re starting in the Oxford Street store and being rolled out through the UK stores in the next few months. I think this is something that every other clothing establishment needs to consider doing. I can safely say as one of the “larger women” it frustrates me when I go into a store to buy some new clothing and they have 4-5 of sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12. Yet when it comes to 14, 16, 18+ there are only ever one or two in this size and even then you do not get a proper representation of the garment itself because it’s hung on a cheap plastic hanger. At least now, larger women can see the garments on something more realistic without even having to leave the store!

See the full article on’s website here.


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