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Pinned it. Made it. #1

Pinterest is one of my most visited websites and my most used app on my phone, so understandably I have thousands upon thousands of things I want to make, cook and buy. Christmas is quite possibly one of my favourite times of year on the website because the “Holidays & Events” section is filled to the brim with Christmas craft ideas, stunning winter photographs and fashion ideas. 

Whilst having one of my many sleepless nights, I decided to browse the tag and create a Christmas board which you can find here. During my browsing, I found this pin to make adorable little Christmas pudding bauble/ornaments. 

A conversation with Moo’s original pin photograph.

The pattern in the pin is pretty simple to follow, but you do have to focus on counting the increases and decreases whilst crocheting as it can be easy to forget where you were up to. Whatever you do, do not forget the stitch marker! I don’t mind working in spirals, I think they’re neater than joins because you’re never sure if the chain after a join stands for the first crochet or if it’s literally just a turning chain. (Sadly not all patterns let you know this!) Which is why I find spirals more relaxing to work with. 

My first pudding.
My first pudding.

Above is the first pudding I made following the pattern in the original pin (including holly leaves from Attic24 and improvising a pattern for the holly berries). I was expecting them to be a lot smaller than this because they look dinky in the original pin however they have come out at a very nice size!


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