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Pinned it. Made it. #2

This week I have gone rather crazy (so far!) with pinned it, made it items and it’s only Thursday!

Tuesday I decided to make something I’ve been hearing an awful lot about… Slutty brownies. I’d heard of them earlier in the year whilst talking to my friend Nikki on a day-trip to London and she was in awe of them from when she made them herself. I’d then seen a lot of them on sites like Instagram and Tumblr so decided to find them on Pinterest and make them! I originally pinned the One World Recipe version but used What’s Gaby Cooking‘s recipe from her blog (and then pinned so you guys could find it easily). Gaby’s recipe is very easy to follow and there is only two things I tweaked with the recipe. I added white chocolate chips to the brownies and instead of foil, I used baking parchment.

Cookie mix, prepared tin, brownie mix, cookie mix in tin, Oreo layer, brownie mix in tin.

Gaby’s recipe starts off with making the brownie mix in a way I’ve never made brownies before, on the hob. Both of the mixes came together very nicely but I was dubious about the cookie mix as it didn’t seem thick enough and was  more like a very thick cake batter. I also ran out of oreos when doing the second layer. I started with mini oreos and seriously thought I had enough but ended up having to quickly run to the end of the road to buy some more, which is why I have two different sizes in my tin.

Baked slutty brownie.
Baked slutty brownie.

 I followed the cooking instructions on Gaby’s recipe however I think in total I had to cook it for an hour and ten minutes as I’m not personally a fan of seriously gooey brownies. When I took the tin out of the oven, I let it cool for 20 minutes before I decided to take it out of the tin. When I took it out of the tin, I couldn’t resist but to try some straight away. I mean what’s better than a hot brownie?!

Inside the slutty brownie.
Inside the slutty brownie.

When I cut into the brownies, I was absolutely amazed. They were gorgeous! I had never tasted them before either so it was all a huge first for me. The brownies were ever so slightly gooey in the middles still which wasn’t so bad and then the cookie layer was more like a very heavy sponge cake (I thought it might end up like that from the mixture, but I wasn’t one to argue with the recipe!) but it was very nice nonetheless and had a beautiful hint of vanilla. It was a nice change to be able to taste the vanilla in the baked product as I have noticed in some recipes no matter how much Natural Vanilla Extract you add to the mixture, you can’t really taste it when baked/cooked.

Next time I make slutty brownies I think I will tweak the recipe slightly and instead of using oreos, I will try using bourbon biscuits. I think oreos make it just a little too sweet for everybody’s liking.

Overall, I would highly recommend making slutty brownies at least once!


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