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Pinned it. Made it. #3

Sadly I didn’t get around to typing this post as soon as I would’ve liked to. However I am back and have a whole lot to rant about recently!

So my “Pinned it. Made it.” has been getting very good feedback from everybody and I can safely say I am really enjoying actually making the things I’ve been pinning! My family are probably absolutely sick of me being in the kitchen baking brownies and taking up all the space by now. Yet they are all too willing to actually try the things I’ve been making and have genuinely been interested in them.

The third thing I made from my Pinterest board RECIPES/TO MAKE. were Pizza Rolls from Ginger Bakes  (See original pin here) The thing that drew me to this pin was that the photograph made them look so yummy and then I read the caption and thought all my dreams had come true. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza, and then to fry it?! Yes, just yes!

The recipe calls for ‘one package of egg roll wrapper‘ of which I had never heard of before so I done a bit of googling and found a recipe. I found a very basic recipe for these on (see link) and made a very nice stack of egg roll wrapper discs to make my pizza rolls with.

Homemade egg roll wrappers

From here I pretty much used my own initiative and smeared my wrapper in tomato purée while remembering to leave a nice amount free around the edges. Then two slices of pepperoni in the middle and plonked a nice amount of fresh mozzarella in the middle of the pepperoni. I then used milk instead of egg (I forgot to save any from the dough mixture!) to seal my parcels up but it was like superglue on my wrappers! I then put them in the deep fat fryer until they were golden. I hoped for the best that the cheese had started melting in the middle too because apart from cutting them open, there is no way to tell! (Unless it starts oozing out of a small hole in the bottom, which a few of mine did!)

Fresh out of the fryer Pizza Rolls.

When I took the first roll out of the fryer, I dabbed it on a bit of tissue to get rid of any excess grease. Then the moment of truth came, I had to cut into them. I was hoping for the very best as these were my dinner plans for the evening as Mum was working so it was just myself and Dad for dinner. We ate half each and then decided that they were lovely and I should fry the rest up!

Inside the Pizza Rolls.

The Pizza Rolls tasted absolutely amazing. The egg roll wrappers fried up beautifully and were nicely crisp. As I was eating them I had an epiphany of maybe making BBQ chicken pizza rolls in the summer!


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