“New Year, New Me”

I’d like to start out and wish every single one of my readers a happy New Year! This post is a bit belated but I was trying to find the right way to write it without sounding like a total sourpuss. I also hope every one had a nice, relaxed Christmas.

The title of this post is a phrase that really annoys me, and we have to hear it from the end of December to half way through January of the New Year… Every single year! I have many reasons as to why this phrase bugs the life out of me. Firstly, the whole new you goals are so predictable. Go to the gym more, eat more healthily, exercise more. People stick to this for the first week or so of January and then it’s all out of the window. Secondly there’s then the people who try and use the no more dramas one.. Which also doesn’t work. Just because we’ve changed the year, doesn’t mean that all the dramas that were going on at the end of the previous year will get wipes away as soon as the clock strikes midnight. I could carry on for hours and hours as to why I absolutely hate that saying, but I wouldn’t want to bore everyone.

I have the same philosophy on New Years resolutions. They all seem to get broken within the first month of the year! I gave up making resolutions years ago and this year I’m starting something new for myself. I am making goals of things I want to do and can tick them off when I’ve done them. I’ll probably even keep track of the ones I have completed on here.

My list of goals for 2014 are as follows:

1. Drive to Ipswich to see Josh with his Christmas presents. 2. Photoshoot with Harrison whilst in Ipswich.

3. Drive to Norfolk to see my family. 4. Drive to Peterborough to see Rhys and his family.

5. Take my camera on all road trips no matter how small. Capture everything.

6. Shoot more new bands. (Even if I end up going to Chinnerys on my own some weekends.)

7. Get a new job. 8. Get the tattoo I’ve been planning for ages.

9. Cook more. Not just cakes, everything! 10. Start and finish every season of Breaking Bad.

11. Get my craft business up and running properly. 12. Join a band, or just play live at a few open mic nights.

13. Actually get my nails done. I’ve been meaning to get Gel or Shellac for a while.

14. Start posting videos on YouTube.. Even if nobody watches them, you gotta start somewhere!

15. Start saving £2 coins. 16. Reduce the amount of money I spend on things I do not need.

The list is probably a lot longer than this. However this is all I have managed to remember so far!

What are your New Years goals?


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