The loss of a loved one.

The loss of a loved one is always something difficult to come to grips with. We all have different ways of accepting something as final as death and ways of helping those around us get through such a horrid time. Over the past two weeks, I have been thinking a lot more about death than I usually would.

Two weeks ago today, I arrived home a little later than usual from spending the evening down my local open mic night with my boyfriend and our two friends after a serious debate with myself as to whether to be cheeky and get a McDonalds milkshake on the way home. Normally I get in, put my bag down, complain about something minor like an idiot on the roads and go to bed. My usual plans were disrupted by my mother coming around the corner of our hallway with red, puffy eyes. I was bundled into our “den” (Computer room,etc..) and told the words “I would rather tell you now before you read it on Facebook or something..” and then about how our close family friend Kirk Bacon had passed away.

In all honesty, to start with I thought I’d misheard my mothers words and it was some kind of messed up joke. It took just a few seconds for it to register with me that I hadn’t misunderstood what she said, there was no sick joke behind it. I spent five minutes just sat there on the chair in the den, staring into space shaking my head in disbelief… Which is pretty much what I’ve been doing over the past two weeks every time something has happened or said that would remind me of him.

Source: Mums Facebook
Source: Mums Facebook

For as long as I could remember my Dad and Speedy were best friends. So much so when I asked Mum earlier how they actually met, her words were “I honestly can’t remember it’s been that long!”  which in my books is the sign of an amazing long-lasting friendship. It was because of their quirky friendship that I have so many bizarre memories of him that I will cherish forever.  Sadly the final memory I will always have of him and my father together is seeing my dad driving Kirk’s bloody great van, with Terry in the passenger seat, towards the huge gathering of people outside the crematorium this afternoon, knowing that Speedy was peacefully in the back. His final journey in the van with two of his best friends – he would’ve absolutely loved it. 

I could easily ramble on and on in this post about how I still really can not believe that he’s gone. I normally find the funeral as closure and the main kick of realizing that it really is true, but I have just floated my way through the past two weeks in a bit of a haze and even more so today.

Rest in Peace Kirk “Eugene Speed” Bacon. You touched so many lives in your time, even if it was cut short. But knowing you, your real journey has only just started.

For people reading who never knew Kirk or are just a passerby on my blog:

Kirk was fascinated with the afterlife, etc. The video above is a song that hugely reminds me of Kirk, and mostly because in the photo in this post, my father and he dressed up as Ghostbusters (proton packs and all!) for a Halloween party they DJ’d at together (Eugene Speed & Nobby Stylz).


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