Book Review: Hyperbole And A Half.

Goodreads book page.

A while ago my friend Claire recommended Hyperbole And A Half’s blog to me and I absolutely loved it. Stories of the Simple Dog and other things featured were so easy to relate to, and it was such an easy thing to read.

When I found this book on Goodreads to rate, I had to buy it. I found myself searching for it on Amazon and I can’t fault their delivery service as it was here within a few days.

I managed to read the book within a matter of three days. I started it from the moment I wrestled into the amazon box and finished reading it on the train home from London very early Saturday morning (1am with a dead phone!). The book is nicely separated into categories with coloured sections for each story. My one main problem with this book however is the fact of the stories seemed like they weren’t the whole stories. I remember the one about the Simple Dog from the blog and it seemed to have a lot more substance to it.

This is a great book to just have on your shelf for a rainy day!


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