Things I Love

Things I Love: A.

Recently my BFF started an alphabet post on her blog where each week she goes through a letter of the alphabet with different things.. (See her posts here) Seeing this inspired me to do a “things I love” post for every letter of the alphabet every week which I will most likely post on Sundays. In these posts you will learn about some of my rather weird quirks and things you probably already knew!

Things I Love: A


The first thing that sprang to mind when deciding what I love beginning with A was Arnie, my lovely 2002 Ford KA bought for me for my 20th birthday by my parents and grandparents. I couldn’t drive him for a little bit after my birthday because I hadn’t passed my test by then (Failed the first one, passed the second one on December 3rd!) but knowing that I had a car put a huge smile on my face. Now Arnie is on the road I feel a new sense of freedom because I can literally jump in the car and go anywhere I want without having to rely on people and mooching lifts here, there and everywhere! Since I’ve had Arnie, a lot of photography opportunities have come up and a few weeks ago, I drove myself to Colchester to photograph an EP launch… Which before I’d passed my test, I would’ve had to get the train or see if a friend/Mum wanted to go and pay them all my earnings for the petrol.


We all have a sense of adventure. Since getting my car, mine has peaked and thankfully Aimee humors me with my little adventures. Just after Christmas we went on a little drive and managed to find ourselves lost on Canvey Island trying to find their “seafront” then found it.. Twice.. And couldn’t find our way off the Island again. This summer we plan on going on many adventures, all of which I will photo-document to post about!

American TV

I have noticed over the past few months that when people ask me what TV shows I watch, the majority of my answers are American shows. I can count on one hand the British TV shows I watch, but the American ones seriously outweigh them! I will put these shows under the right letters too!


Ding dong, Avon calling! The line used by no Avon rep! A year or two back Mum decided to take up Avon again on the side of her current job. I remember she used to do it back when we lived in Rochford because some of my memories include getting the Avon delivery near Christmas and wanting to keep the cookie making sets that customers ordered because they looked fantastic! When Mum joined Avon again, I purchased way too much make-up of which I never wear, tonnes of room and linen sprays, nail varnish that is crap and some absolutely fantastic lipsticks!


I adore animals! I mean, who doesn’t!? At times, our house does feel like a little bit like a zoo. We have two chocolate labradors, two degus, a hamster, a pond full of fish and then a tank full of fish too. Growing up in a flat in Rochford, we always had gerbils. Then when we moved to our current bungalow, we got two more gerbils of which we had to re-home, several hamsters (The best clearly being Brutus!) and Max, our eldest dog. I love surrounding myself in animals because they always have so much love to give.


I figured she deserved her own section on this because I do absolutely love her to bits. I met her when I first started working at Debenhams in October 2012 and we became great friends. Some people don’t quite believe that we didn’t know each other before we started working there. The great thing about us, is that we’re so similar yet also so different. Plus, who else is going to wail along to some of the awful music I have in my car with me!?

Taken by my Mum.. Dress alterations!

American Horror Story

I was introduced to AHS by Aimee after season two came out. I have to say that when I started watching season 1, I was a bit like “What the crap has she recommended to me!?” and did worry about the mental state of my best friend for a few episodes. It was only when Aimee used AHS in her dissertation and I was anonymously interviewed for it that I learnt it was by the same guy who done Glee, which explained a lot. Everyone has a darker side! Out  of all three seasons of AHS, I really cannot decide which my favourite one is because they are all equally fantastic!


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