Things I Love

Things I Love: B.

I’ve been itching to post this for the past few days but knowing my luck if I was to do that, I’d post the whole series within a couple of days!

Things I Love: B.


I LOVE buttons! I keep all spare buttons and even go out of my way to cut buttons off of garments before they get binned. You never know when you’ll need some buttons!


One way to my heart, is books! My bookshelf is getting alarmingly full and I’ve been plotting where I can put another one if the need arises. An awful lot of the books on my shelf I am yet to read but plan to do it by the end of the year!


Even though I tend to go in little bursts with my blogging, I do really enjoy it. Being able to just type away and when it’s posted, know that some people do read what I have to say is fantastic. Having my own corner of the internet is rather lovely!


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you’ll know I’m always baking! Sometimes I can go for a few weeks without baking and then I’ll get on a bit of a mission and bake tonnes of things. I ended up baking Banana Bread earlier in the week just because I fancied it!


Part way through last year I wanted to learn something new. A friend suggest I learn bass guitar. I bought the red bass hanging on my wall for £10 off of just to see if I could get into playing it and then kept going to PMT to play the natural wood one hanging on my wall. Since learning to play, I’ve found myself listening to music differently. I listen to a song and think to myself  “I could play that” then go home and find the tab for it online.


I have no shame in admitting that I love bingo. My mum signed me up and we went with my Nan and her friend a few Mondays back. At first it took me a little bit of understanding then like a flash, I was really into it. On our second visit, I won £5 in our first game.. It could’ve been £30 if others hadn’t called up too.


Who doesn’t love bacon!?

Bobby Jo’s Diner.

Along Southend seafront there is a gorgeous 1950’s style diner called Bobby Jo’s Diner. They serve the best milkshakes ever and the food is lovely! I’ve taken so many of my friends there who have never been before and all end up loving it! I took a bunch of work friends there for a meal and we were gutted that we couldn’t get a table booked for Christmas too!


I had this little fluff ball for just over two and a half years and he was an adorable little hamster. Even though sometimes he made me want to rip my hair out with how loud he wanted to be in his wheel at night, I still loved his little ginger butt.


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