Things I Love

Things I Love: C.

I am a day late posting this “Things I Love” post as yesterday I was too busy hand finishing a skirt I was making for my BFF Aimee. I had drank so much coffee that when I crashed, I crashed hard. So this is how I’m blogging this morning, on the sofa having cuddles with puppy Gus.

how im blogging today

Things I Love: C.


It’s pretty simple really. Everybody loves cuddling, whether it’s another person, your pet dogs or cats, hamsters, pillows, etc. We all love it!


I LOVE cooking. The kitchen is possibly one of my favourite rooms in the whole house. I can be cooking a complicated recipe or something I’ve cooked hundreds of times over and over again and I’ll be doing it with a huge smile on my face.

Cross Stitch.

If I think back to when I started doing cross stitch, I really can not remember how/when I started. I believe it may have been when I ordered some mini cross stitch kits online to complete to put on the front of Christmas cards (I’m not actually sure this idea took off very well either!) Since starting cross stitch I have gained a box full to the brim of gorgeous coloured embroidery flosses, numerous needles, different types of aida and not enough time to stitch everything I want to! Below is a piece I completed in a week which I had seen online a few times – mostly on Pinterest – so decided to make my own variation of it. Only downfall, if this is true, I have many homes!


I started doing crochet when I searched the hashtag “craft” on Instagram when I first joined and loved the look of what everyone else was making. I youtubed tutorials and learnt how to crochet pretty quickly! I’ve made so many things since starting and have lost count of the different things I have crocheted.


Because sometimes the weekends aren’t complete without a mojito!

Charity Shops.

I prefer going to charity shops to buy books than I do anywhere else. Most of the time I manage to pick up books that sound brilliant and haven’t been read. Myself and Aimee have been going on a lot of “charity shop crawls” recently around Rochford and I have to praise them for always having a different selection of books each time we go in. That and I can get a book for 30p!


Curling my hair normally takes forever if I do my whole head, but it’s always worth it. I love the way curling your hair can change your entire look for the day too.


I love Christmas. Not only for the lights, decorations, baking, etc. But for how excited my mother gets when she walks past sections like this in shops and feels the  need to set every single toy off!

Conker Picking.

Conker picking is fun. Regardless if you keep them or have a purpose for them. It’s fun!


I love baking cake. Decorating cake. Eating cake. Just cake!

The photograph below is the cake I made this past week for Aimee’s mums 50th birthday on Friday. It was a chocolate almond cake with vanilla buttercream, covered in chocolate ganache with flaked almonds stuck to the sides.

Sir Crompton Caesar the 3rd.

Just after my gorgeous little Brutus passed away, myself and mum bought this handsome little fella. I wanted to call him Caesar but we settled on Sir Crompton Caesar the 3rd. He’s a very cheeky chap and is forever running in his wheel. If you get him out for a cuddle, he’s automatically running around like his life depends on it.


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