Things I Love

Things I Love: D.

Yes, it’s that time of the week again! I have to say that I always look forward to posting these, mostly because some of the things I write that I love apparently some people do not expect me to love.

Things I Love: D.


I LOVE driving! I loved learning to drive, I loved Mum letting me drive her very new Fiat 500 and I love the fact I now have my own car. I think I love driving so much because I now have my own sense of freedom. I no longer have to rely on public transport or mooching lifts off of my family. I can now just nip out and see friends or pick something up from the shops if I really need to. It has also broadened my horizons with my photography because I can now travel to shoots further away!

Taken by Aimee Tarling


I never used to wear jeans when I was younger, mostly because I never could find ones that fitted properly or that I never wholly felt comfortable in them. Now, I practically live in my jeans. Not only are all those pockets super helpful, they keep me cool and also they stop my kneecaps from sliding out of place with my EDS.

Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is possibly one of my favourite shows on TV. I have absolutely no shame in this whatsoever. In fact, I love Doctor Who so much, I have a TARDIS and Dalek on the dashboard of my car!


I have always liked dogs, I prefer them to cats. Until I actually owned a dog, I never knew it was possible to love something as much as you can a dog. I remember when we got our beautiful chocolate Labrador, Max and then when we bought our other chocolate Labrador Gus home to come and live in his forever home. Every now and then, I try to imagine our house without dog toys thrown everywhere but I really can not do it. A home is not complete without a dog.


There is nothing better than snuggling up on the sofa and watching a good documentary. Whether it is hours long or only a mini documentary, I love them! I recently came across one filmed in 2013 called “We Will Live Again” by Brooklyn Underground Films on Laughing Squid’s website. It was just over 12 minutes long and I found it absolutely fascinating.


It was about a year ago that I actually started wearing dresses and now I own an awful lot of them! I wore my dresses all way through winter with thick tights and warm cardigans and now I can wear them with sandals too. Now to master making them!


I always love being able to make over a room by getting a paintbrush out. Decorating with my Mum is always a laugh and in a space of a few weeks we managed to redecorate the front room and hallway.



I had never heard of Degus until Pets At Home started selling them. Myself and Mum fell in love with these two little guys and ended up bringing them home with us! They’re called Frodo and Bilbo and we absolutely love them. They eat everything and make a lot of noise and mess but just look at those little faces!



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