Book Review: Blood Loss by Alex Barclay.

Blood Loss by Alex Barclay.

I have never read any books by Alex Barclay, so I feel Blood Loss was a good introduction to Barclay’s writing. I found this book on a shelf at one of my favourite charity shops in Rochford and in all honesty, I am not sure why I was drawn to pick it up.

The cover features the tag line “Two missing girls and a father with something to hide” which made me automatically turn the book over to read the blurb. There’s mentions of a derelict asylum, missing persons’ cases and unraveling deep and dark family secrets.

When I started to read this book I did struggle to get into it for at least 40 pages. I felt that there were way too many characters and small little side stories that the reader had to figure out whilst following the main plot itself. After those first 40 pages however is where I was drawn into not being able to put the book down. The way Barclay writes about the abduction and how it is covered up is absolutely fantastic. The way this is continued throughout the whole book is even better because it really does convince you that it could be the standard abduction, murder/suicide thing going on when in actual fact, at the end of the whole book you’re sat there with your jaw on the floor in amazement at how Barclay pulled it off without the reader suspecting that it could take the path it did!

I would definitely recommend this book, and give the advice of: no matter how difficult it gets to keep up with the side stories, stick with it.. It  is so worth it!


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