Things I Love

Things I Love: E.

So as you may have noticed, my blog has had a complete revamp and name change. I woke up to a handful of hateful comments and a few nasty emails from small minded people who didn’t think to actually check the “About” page and understand what I meant by “Serial Hooker”. I was called a “whore” and accused of being a prostitute, when in actual fact I was referring to the term “hooker” as someone who crochets a lot. (Yes, people who crochet call themselves hookers, it is an actual thing!)


So from now on, my blog will be “The Second Star To The Left…” and before anybody starts going “Well the quote is actually ‘to the right’..” I am aware of this, but we all know where the second star to the right and going straight on until morning leads us… This is my adventure and we never know where it might take me. So let’s just carry on with my “Things I Love…” series, shall we?

Things I Love: E.


I am a sucker for a gorgeous pair of earrings. Sadly I have a nickel allergy which means I should only really wear sterling silver or gold earrings, but nobody can stop me from buying a beautiful pair of cheap earrings from places like Primark or Forever 21. I can’t even say that I have a favourite pair of earrings because I own so many! I have two pairs that I will always treasure though, both gifts from my Nan and Grandad on my 18th and 20th birthdays. Both pairs are gold with diamonds and the ones for my 20th are on wires from a pair of my Great Nan’s earrings and feature two keys. They were to go alongside my car for my birthday.


love this film so much! As soon as the 1st of December comes around, it is the first film I watch (And the only one that stays in my DVD player until just after Christmas…) In fact, when it’s acceptable to watch this film, I am pretty much like the photograph below..



Embroidery is always something I have been fascinated by. Some of the tiny little details in some pieces I’ve seen are just, wow. The embroidery I am actually good at is cross stitch but I’m sure I’ll try my hand at another kind very soon and love it!


I mean, come on, it was obvious! The amount I cook, eating was bound to be on this list!


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