Sewing Pattern Wishlist: Simplicity.

Recently I have jumped head first into the world of sewing patterns. I had started watching The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC 1, mostly out of interest as I’d seen The Great British Bake Off and as a baker, it hadn’t tickled my fancy. Sewing however, I’ve always loved!

I purchased a magazine from my local Tesco store called “Sew!” which came with New Look sewing Pattern 6144. I decided to use an old duvet cover to make it as a trial-run, just in case I messed it up or it went wrong, then I wasn’t stitching into fabric that I had forked out lots of money on. The pattern ranges from size 8-18 and as I normally buy an 18 to fit around my bust, I cut the 18 size out. After sewing the side seams together, I asked my Mum to put it on so I could see how it fits. As she usually wears a 12-14, it should have been no problem at all, however we struggled to squeeze her into the dress. After this, I didn’t continue on with this pattern as there would be no point if it wasn’t going to fit!

I then purchased Simplicity skirt pattern 1500 in sizing 14-22. For good measure, every time I have made this pattern, I have cut the size up from what the new owner normally wears and it fits perfectly each time! Since this, I have purchased two more patterns from Simplicity and are yet to make them. I do find myself every now and then, on sewing pattern websites bookmarking pages of patterns that I will eventually buy, so here is my wishlist of Simplicity patterns.


Simplicity pattern 1459 is one I have had my eye on for a few months now and it sells out very fast! I’ve wanted to make a dress like this since first going to Bobby Jo’s Diner along Southend Seafront and seeing the staffs baby pink and black ones of these dresses. I am unsure as to what pattern or colour I would make mine in but it will probably be a pastel shade with black piping.


Simplicity pattern 1654 is one I think I would only really purchase if I had a purpose to wear the dress. The front of it features contrasting colour detail, which if you look at the photo on the  pattern closely, it looks like it is a zigzag stitch, not any kind of piping detail.


Simplicity pattern 1802 is one I have been wanting to buy since I started browsing the Simplicitynewlook website. Depending on what colours and fabric you use, you could easily make it into a smart work dress, or a cute day dress. This pattern will most likely be the next one I purchase!


Simplicity pattern 1801, if I was to own it, would be getting so much use, I would have to make a copy of the pattern pieces! I love the shorter dress version of it and would have so many of them in different colours. The top I could make for my Mum as it is the kind of top she would most likely pick up in a shop and go “Ohh I like that!” and the longer dress I would also probably end up making in many different colours!


Simplicity pattern 1887 is a pattern that I would probably buy if push comes to shove. You would only find it falling into my ownership if I couldn’t find any other patterns that feature a cute pair of tailored shorts.


I fell in love with Simplicity pattern 1421 when I saw it on the “New arrivals” part of the website. In fact, it found itself in my basket but I couldn’t justify three new patterns last pay day! I absolutely love the main jacket on show and would most likely make it in the same colours or very similar ones!

That concludes my Simplicity sewing pattern wishlist and I’ve realized that I should get saving for all of these patterns and fabrics I am going to need to buy! I might even find myself writing another one of these on other sewing patterns I’ve found myself wanting to buy!


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