Things I Love

Things I Love: F.

So this weeks “Things I Love” post is a handful of days late and I am using the first time I’ve properly sat down all week so far to type it.

Things I Love: F.


I have only ever been to two festivals, Slam Dunk and Underage. Both were only day-long festivals which is something I much prefer to the idea of sleeping in a tent in a muddy field, getting a crappy nights sleep and not enjoying myself as much over the next day(s). Something I am looking forward to is being able to drive there and back to any other day-long festivals I go to so I don’t have to rely on public transport as last time that happened it was a catastrophe and had to be rescued by my Dad.


I love my friends with everything  I’ve got. They’re the ones who pick me up when I’m down and can make me laugh so hard that my sides hurt and tears are falling from my eyes.

Flat Pack Furniture. 

Call me sad or whatever, but I love putting flat pack furniture up. Whether it’s my own or Aimee’s new bookshelf, I call dibs on putting it together!

Source: Aimee Tarling
Source: Aimee Tarling
Source: Aimee Tarling
Source: Aimee Tarling

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