Things I Love

Things I Love: G.

I am two weeks posting this segment of “things I love” as I have been sheltering myself away from the world and everything I generally love doing. I have had a relapse with my EDS and along with that, my depression too. I’ve not really been sewing, cooking or reading and struggling to plaster a smile on my face. I am however back on my antidepressants and taking every day as it comes. Now just to get my blog back on track!

Things I Love: G.


Gus is my youngest chocolate Labrador and I love the very bones of this dog. When we went to see him as a puppy we fell in love right away and just had to have him. I love that fluff ball.


Growing things/Garden centers.

I have always loved growing things and I think I can thank my grandmother for that. My memories of staying with her and Grandad some weekends are filled with her letting me help her in the garden and being able to plant Grape Hyacinth bulbs into almost any surface that had mud (except the lawn of course!) Since we moved into our current bungalow and have a nice big garden, we normally grow something every year (until Gus decides he’s going to help with the gardening by digging everything up…) This year I am growing two different variations of tomato plants. I am only growing these so I can make tonnes of tomato chutney as the four jars I got to make last year were beautiful and everyone loved them!


I love my Grandad to the Pluto and back. I can’t even put into words how much awesome stuff he’s done for me over the years but he is just fantastic.

Photo by: Jan Jones. Myself and Grandad at Durrell Zoo, Jersey.


Games of the board variety to be precise. Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Monopoly… You name it, I’ve probably got it! In fact I love board games so much, I asked for Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit for Christmas (And got it!)


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