Things I Love

Things I Love: H.

Yay, I’m back on track (slightly!) Get the balloons!

Things I Love: H.


I mean, who doesn’t love Haribo? They come in so many variations, there’s something for everyone to love!



Given the option to buy homemade/handmade over mass-production goods, I will always pick homemade/handmade. As someone who is always making something, I understand how much love and care goes into the things we make and being able to share that with people is fantastic! It may cost a little more to buy homemade/handmade goods but if you think about how much the good quality materials cost, and the fact you’re also paying for the time of the person making the item, you are getting a high quality bargain!



I seem to have a sick fascination with this show. At first when I started watching season one, it would turn my stomach every now and then, but now I am just engrossed in the gore. The fact the show has now been renewed for another season makes me wonder when the heck they are going to catch this man!?



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