Things I Love

Things I Love: I.

Uhh ohh, slap me over the back of the hands! I’m late posting this again but the past week has been one that I would rather put to the back of my mind and leave there for a while. I had a few major down days with my EDS and depression and put my car into the garage for a general service before I start my new job in two weeks to find that my poor Arnie wasn’t worth keeping on the road any longer. All of the repairs would have costed an absolute fortune and it really wasn’t worth all the trouble. I’ve spent the past few days running around like a headless chicken with my Mumma duck finding a new car and can happily say that I’m picking Percy up on Wednesday! (Yeah, I name my cars…) So hopefully, I can now get my blogging back on track!

Things I Love: I.


There isn’t really anything I can say to justify this, because the imagination is a very powerful thing. Everyone loves their imagination and other peoples.


It sounds like a strange thing to love, but they are adorable! I found my love for Iguanas roughly 14 years ago when I was around the age of 6/7. A friend of my parents, Chris, lived in a lovely house in Southend with three iguanas. One was huge and looked like a dinosaur, one hated women and the last one was a baby. I was allowed to feed the baby and was absolutely fascinated by the mini Jurassic looking creature eating lettuce from my hands. From that moment I probably started nagging my parents for a pet iguana (which I never got!) and always love seeing them if I go anywhere.

Ice Cream.

Who doesn’t love ice cream!? For the first time in my 20 years earlier I actually managed to eat a Magnum without getting it all over my face!


I love everything about this place! I went there on Wednesday with Mumma duck and we came back with so much stuff and spent under £40! That and for the first time ever we decided to plod around the food section too. We got an impressive haul and I have discovered that I love Lingonberries and the meatballs.


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