Things I Love

Things I Love: J.


Who doesn’t love a good, warm jumper?! I know that I do! Most years I have no problems finding nice jumpers to wear over the colder seasons but winter just gone, I struggled! My jumper “collection” grew by three, and one of those was a Christmas gift! One year, I will pluck up the lady balls to knit my own jumper!


Jam on toast, jam tarts, etc! I went on a bit of a spree last year of jam making and adored the fact I could make something so delicious that people enjoyed. With my fathers midlife crisis I gained access to an awful lot of plums from a local orchid that he goes to for ‘car things’.


I went to Jersey with my grandparents in 2010 and fell in love with the island, which I am sure most people do when they visit for the first time! I was absolutely captivated by the scenery and the amazing beaches. When my Grandad had his day of fishing, myself and Nan went to the War Tunnels and just, wow. I learnt an awful lot more being in those tunnels about the occupation than I ever did in history class! I walked around a lighthouse, started sinking at a beach and saw a tarantula guarding gold!

At Corbière Lighthouse.

Jodi Picoult.

Jodi Picoult was the first author I read who I felt compelled to then go out and get more of her books. I read My Sisters Keeper and then took Handle With Care on holiday to Jersey with me and haven’t looked back since. My list of books by her is long, but I still do not own every single one sadly!


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