Things I Love

Things I Love: K.

I am alive! I haven’t posted on here since the 29th of May which in a way I am ashamed of. However we all have those few weeks where the crap hits the fan and we’ve got too much to do! About a month ago I had to take Arnie to the scrapyard because he was going to cost too much to repair and then spent a week car hunting before I started my new photography job in Colchester. Then during the training for my new job I felt like death of legs! But you now have me for about two months whilst I enjoy my freedom from retail and travelling to the back ends of beyond to photograph in schools! Today I’ll be playing catch-up with all of the posts I missed!

Things I Love: K.


Now I am the first to admit with knitting, ask me to make you a square or a scarf and I’m golden but anything other than that, you’d have to ask somebody else! I was first taught to knit by my Great Nan but just couldn’t get the hang of it and then when I moved into the bungalow I am currently in, my neighbour taught me again and I can remember everything!


There is something rather therapeutic about kneading dough. Not only is it a good form of exercise, when you are eating the finished product you know that the struggle of kneading was all well worth it!


I am absolutely loving kilts recently! I purchased some tartan from a local fabric shop recommended to me by a friend and just knew I had to make myself a tartan skirt (Which I run around calling my kilt when I am wearing it!) Now I just feel compelled to make more and more tartan skirts to call kilts!


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