Charity Shop Haul! 16/06/14

I couldn’t resist  but to trail around Rochford’s charity shops today with my mother whilst we were there to run a few errands.

My purchases from charity shops are usually handfuls of books but today we also got something a little different!

Vintage Floral by Jennifer Rose bag - £12
Vintage Floral by Jennifer Rose bag – £12

I have been after a new bag since the plain black satchel I purchased from Primark about two months ago has started falling apart at the strap and the lining coming away from the seams inside the bag itself. I was queuing up in Havens Hospices to buy a book and spotted this bag hanging up in the “New Products” section and mentioned to Mum that I liked it. She went over and saw it was £12 and it was that which sold it to us! It has masses of space which I normally require in a bag for medication, paperwork, etc. and enough compartments for lipstick, pens and a diary. The bag is made from oilcloth as well which is a bonus because if it gets dirty or marked, you can literally just wipe it off!

Sadly not all of the books above were purchased in charity shops, I just took a photograph of all the new books I have purchased in the past few weeks! After The Party by Lisa Jewell, Cold As Ice by Lee Weeks and Time Of Death by Alex Barclay were all purchased in supermarkets in offers. I purchased The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty in Havens Hospices for £1.00. I also purchased The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson, Confessions of aShopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, A Colourful Death by Carola Dunn, Night Waking by Sarah Moss and Songs Of The Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult in my favourite charity shop of all time, Faith, Hope and Charity along Ashingdon Road. They sell their regular paperback books for 30p each so I never feel guilty coming out of there with a huge bag of books!

In total I spent £14.50 in the charity shops and £9.00 in supermarkets which isn’t bad going!


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