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June Birchbox.

Today I received my first ever Birchbox, courtesy of one of my lovely followers on here to thank you for my blog, and a happy birthday gift for it too! Said follower has asked to remain anonymous but I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful gift!

This adorable little brown box is delivered in a slightly bigger Birchbox branded shipping box which is a gorgeous mint green (Which helped me find it when Yodel threw it over my back gate due to not being in!) The box inside overall is a lovely simplistic design which is fantastic in consideration to places such as Lush who have too much going on on their boxes!

When you first open the brown box, you are greeted with an adorable little bag inside. To say Birchbox don’t scrimp on packaging is certainly an understatement. The bag in this months box is in the bold colours of the Brazilian flag to represent the World Cup, an event I do not care for too much but it was a good combination considering the OPI product available in this months box. I am sure that the little bag will come in handy for something as well!

The first item I pulled out of my Birchbox was the Beautyblender which also comes with the Blendercleanser Solid. Not only is the Beautyblender bright pink (Which is stunning!) but it is also very soft which is a bonus considering you’ll be rolling it all over your face! Something I did notice about the Beautyblender, was that it had the delicate scent of lavender which I think might have come from the Bleandercleanser. I never normally wear foundation or blush but I might just start pushing the boat out now I have this in my collection.

My first ever OPI Nail Lacquer! I have heard such good things about this brand of nail polishes but just could never afford the large (For a nail polish anyway!) price tag of £11.95 per bottle! The tiny sample bottle (Which I couldn’t resist but to wave in my Mums face going “LOOK HOW CUTE THIS IS!!”) contains 3.75ml which doesn’t sound like a lot but for nail polish you’re not exactly going to use a whole sample bottle in one go. When I opened, you guessed it – more packaging – and saw the tiny bottle fall out, I was left ever so slightly disappointed in the colour I received. The Brazil collection has such a huge selection of colours that truly represent Brazil and the Birchbox website doesn’t specify which colour will be sent, I just however wish that I wasn’t sent I Just Can’t Cope-acabana as I have never felt the desire to put bright yellow on my nails!

I prepared my nails with Barry M’s Basecoat, Topcoat & Hardener and then put two coats of the OPI Nail Lacquer on. Once dry I put on a final coat of Barry M Topcoat to seal everything up. After the first coat, I wasn’t overly sold on this colour from the collection. Alas, I persevered! On the second coat it kind of just filled in any gaps missed the first time around and it really intensified the colour. The polish has a slight glittery shimmer to it which when it dries (Even with a layer of topcoat) has the effect of a low grain sandpaper. You can tell, even at a glance, that the finished surface is uneven, which is something I’m finding a little weird as even my textured polishes do not stay like this once I’ve added a topcoat. The polish goes on really nicely though which is a plus side!

I was excited when I pulled this out of my box! I have heard of Naobay before and love the fact their products are natural and organic as sometimes an overkill of chemicals that are supposedly “Good on your skin” irritate some areas of my skin and leave it dry and flaky. The Body Radiance Lotion is described as “a lemony fresh organic body lotion with shea butter, olive and avocado oils for soft skin” and I can safely say that I wasn’t let down with the lemon fresh fragrance it has! There is something about the lemon scent which makes me feel like the product is very clean (Probably down to all cleaning products either being pine or lemon scented!) which I absolutely love! After one application to my hands and wrists, which are prone to drying out, my skin feels lovely and soft and my hands do not have the greasy residue which some body lotions have no matter how much you rub it in!

I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect with the Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Perfecting Fluid. It has an SPF factor of 15 which is good considering an awful lot of face creams do not have one, so at least the protection is there! With the word “Fluid” in the products title, it gives the impression that as soon as you open the lid of the product, it’s going to pour everywhere, however the product is more like a BB cream as it is more like a cream. It has a light tan hue to it which is good for covering blemishes and evening skin tone which the product advertises to do. I am yet to actually try it on my face as part of my routine but with the tiny amount I put on my hand, I have high hopes for this product!  Another bonus, it is oil-free! I suffer from oily skin so finding oil free facial products is a huge bonus if they work!

Now for the final product in my box. I heard about The Balm’s “How ‘Bout Them Apples?” on another blog and through the buzz I’ve seen about this palette on Twitter. I was sent the colour “Pie” which is one of the more darker tones out of the six colours available. I personally would’ve also been happy if I was sent shades “Cider” or “Cobbler” as they are more closer to any shades I wear on my lips or blushes I own. The little book-like structure that it is sent in is fastened with a magnet so you can easily put it in a compartment in your bag if you need a quick dash of lip colour without the worry of having a mirror to properly apply lipstick! I am most definitely a fan of this!

Of course I can’t forget to mention this fantastic little key chain too! Sent out as standard with June’s Birchbox, a little flip-flop! I’m not normally one for key chains but since not having a van with huge bulky keys anymore, I keep misplacing my keys everywhere!

Overall I love love love this Birchbox and might very well consider ordering them in the future. Once again, a huge thank you to my follower, you’re awesome!


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  1. So after much research, I have learnt that the part of the Brazil collection Birchbox were sending out, was the little beach sandies collection.. Meaning the polishes were like their other liquid sand ones. Knowing this makes me a bit more happier about using the polish again in the future and with longer nails, the colour might seem better too!

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