Things I Love

Things I Love: N.

Uhh-ohhh. So this post was meant to be published last Sunday and was all scheduled to be posted at midday but for some reason didn’t! What’s that about, WordPress?!

Things I Love: N.


Rice noodles, egg noodles, pot noodles.. You name them, I love them! You can make some fantastic things with noodles!

Night time.

I think I prefer night time to day time as I find myself becoming more and more creative during the hours of 11pm-3am. I have started sleeping with a pen and notebook next to my bed just in case I wake up with an idea for a new project or something crafty I need to buy.


I love my Nan rather a lot.. And I’m not just saying that because of the amount of times she has had to put up with me recently phoning her to borrow her sewing machine.

New things.

There is something lovely about getting new things. Whether they are brand spanking new from the shop or new to yourself from a charity shop or stall, it is nice to have something else of use. I personally love it when you manage to buy books from charity shops that have no creases down the spine and have never been read. That is my idea of something wonderful. That and the smell of new cars! (Thank the Lord you can buy air fresheners for your car with the scent ‘new car’!)


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