Things I Love

Things I Love: O.

Things I Love: O.


When we got bored in school during computer lessons, we would always print those sheets from Microsoft Word with the origami lines on and make things from lotus flowers to birds until we would have a whole desk full and a seriously peeved teacher. It is very rare these days that I do origami but I have a feeling a desk full of swans might be approaching!


If something isn’t organised very well, it annoys me no end. Whether it’s something being neat and tidy or an event, I will always try and make it better. If something isn’t in it’s correct place on my craft desk, I will most likely spend half a day re-organizing it.

Ordering Things Online.

I, like most people, can get carried away when ordering things online. I absolutely love it when I get a whole load of bargains online and the postman coming up to my door with them all looking like he’s going to fall over. I have found myself purchasing cheap little items off of eBay for crafting, such as ribbon, buttons, fabric samples, etc. Normally always for 99p so I can always expect at least one package in the Royal Mail system for me at any given time!


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