June Round Up.

This is my first time doing a monthly round up but as I’ve been rather busy and there have been gaps in my posting, I thought it was only fair! I will most likely format this with things like “What I have been….” kinda thing (If that makes sense?)

What I have been… Buying:

I’ve purchased roughly 10 books (Including the Lord Of The Rings trilogy finally!) from charity shops and supermarkets.

Fabric! I’m always buying fabric so this really should come as no surprise. However most, if not all actually, of my fabric buying has been online from either eBay or The Remnant House (They provide an excellent service and have a huge selection!)

Coldpress Smoothies! I stumbled across them in Tesco a few weeks back and bought one bottle to try and loved them! I’m struggling to find my favourite between the Coconut Banana Pineapple and the Mango Passion Fruit one. Considering I’m not usually partial to coconut in anything except body sprays, I was surprised that I liked that smoothie, but the coconut taste isn’t very strong so it’s a winner with me!

What I have been… Making:

Bunting. Tonnes and tonnes of bunting! I have started a new craft business on Facebook and it seems people love bunting!

I’ve been baking a lot in the past month as well. After I finished my first two weeks training in my new job I’ve been at a bit of a lose end. I’ve baked two loaves of bread, a bunch of cheese scones and fresh strawberry jam tarts with strawberries straight from my Nan & Grandads garden.

Taken by Sarah Jones
Taken by Sarah Jones

What I have been… Listening to:

Lose Control by Scarlet Echo.

I’ve been listening to a lot of local bands again this month and I can safely say this song is possibly one of my favourites by Scarlet Echo.

You Were Nice Once by The Ends.

I’ve worked with The Ends a bit over the past few years and love them to pieces! You Were Nice Once is the song that myself and Aimee are always singing the last line to each  other… “You were nice once, now you’re a bitch.”

Forty by High/Low.

I’ve known the guys from High/Low from when they were The Nurse Who Loved Me. As much as I miss hearing TNWLM sets, I love High/Low (Need to do more gigs too now I can drive to them! *hint hint*)

Here We Go by Lower Than Atlantis.

This is the kind of song that I will be humming or singing out loud randomly for the next few months.. I bought this on iTunes when I couldn’t stop singing it after I first watched the video. It is now my ringtone and I have a feeling it will fast become one of those songs I will love driving to as well.

What I have been.. Reading:

This month I finally managed to finish Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny that I started before I started my new job and then didn’t have time to read between all the driving and sleeping to recover. I am now about halfway through The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene and absolutely loving it!

As for blogs, I have been reading nerdtheless which is written by my friend Sam from the band Another Kid Hero. He writes about ‘nerdy’ things. Another blog I have been reading recently is Music News, Reviews From A Guy With Messy Hair and Tattoos written by another friend of mine, Matt. Both blogs are new, so why not go check ’em out?!

What I have been.. Watching:

I’ve recently started watching Criminal Minds and I’m about half way through season 2. I have also finished the most recent season of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. That and True Blood is back!


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