Things I Love

Things I Love: P.

This past week has certainly been interesting. After a trip to Howletts Zoo on Wednesday with my Mum and Nan, I came out in a nasty case of hives. I stepped out of the shower after being crawled on all day by those irritating little storm flies all day and started swelling up like a balloon. After two days of being puffy, I am now back to normal (Yay!) This weeks ‘things I love’ post will be short and sweet as my mind has formed a bit of a block!

Things I Love: P.


I do love a good print/pattern from leopard print to pinstripes. I do however have some favourites. Polka dots in brown and blue (I used to adore pink with white polka dots, but sadly that’s tainted for me!) Pale blue deck chair-esque stripes, rich warm tartans and pastel gingham. I am also a huge fan of Nordic prints.


The day I finally made enough money at Debenhams to buy myself one of the new Polaroid cameras, I was so happy. Sadly I wasn’t willing to fork out for one of the ‘vintage‘ Polaroid cameras because the film is very difficult to get for a reasonable price. However with the more recent Polaroids, the film is super easy to source and it’s not as expensive. I have also found that Fujifilm Instax works just as good, if not better!

Pesto Linguine.

There is a pub in Rochford that makes the most amazing pesto linguine. If I am near there and have the time, I’ll go in and treat myself!

Aimee at said pub.


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