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Update & Things I Love.

As  you can probably tell, I haven’t posted in just under a month and I figured my readers deserve an explanation for my silence. I’d quickly like to thank everybody who has also emailed me over the past few weeks to check I was okay, you’re awesome!

I haven’t posted since before I went away to Norfolk for a week due to a multitude of reasons. Firstly I have been a bit too busy with personal things to find the time to sit down and dedicate an hour or so to blog. Secondly, I have been struggling with my feelings and emotions a lot too recently. I haven’t felt comfortable with writing down how I feel about things or even my writing in general which hasn’t helped things but here’s to hoping that it’ll be better from now on! Thank you everyone for your continued support!

Hopefully now, I’ll be able to catch up on the ‘Things I Love’ series I started!

Things I Love: R.


As much as I love cooking, I do like eating out as well. I used to be rather fussy with food however more recently I have gotten over this so I can finally try all of the things I’ve wanted to try. I now make excuses to go to Lakeside for my closest Yo! Sushi and Wagamamas which before a year ago, I never would’ve tried.  Since broadening my horizons with food, I’ve eaten out at so many places I never would have considered before. That and I’m probably healthier!


Don’t get me wrong, running around and keeping super busy is something I thrive on. But coming home and putting my pyjama bottoms on, making the largest mug of tea I possibly can and sitting down to watch rubbish on TV with my crochet or cross stitch is one of my favourite things these days. With how busy I am with my craft business and new job, relaxing is sadly now only done at weekends and late evenings.

Raygun FX.

A friend of mine for many years started making guitar pedals under the name Raygun FX. His pedals are excellent and I rather enjoy photographing them too!

Source: Amy Constantine Photography

Things I Love: S.


This was bound to show up, wasn’t it?! I’m not sure where my love of sewing came from but there has been many seamstresses in my family history so it was bound to rub off on one of us! I recently bought a brand new sewing machine (Janome XL601) which does everything so hand-sewing now seems to be a thing of the past!

Source: Amy’s Cottage.


I’m no singer. In fact I’m probably one of the worst you’ll come across. But I love singing up rather loud when driving to whatever I’ve stuffed into the CD player of my car.

Things I Love: T.


I’m not really one for travelling outside of the UK (You can have holidays in the UK too, I’m not as small minded as some people who think you can’t holiday in the country you live in!) With my job I have to do a lot of travelling so my love for travelling helps with driving around constantly all over the country. There is only one trip I want to desperately go on outside of the UK and that is a month trip to Madagascar to photograph Lemurs in their natural habitats.


Sweet tea, hot tea, green tea, lemon tea, mint tea, chamomile tea… I just love tea!

Things I Love: U.


It seems like a silly thing to love, but I do like a good umbrella. I’m not satisfied if my umbrella is all plain and boring. It has to be bright and pretty.


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