Things I Love

Things I Love: W, X, Y, Z.

Now we’re on to the final and most awkward letters of the alphabet (Let’s face it, we all dread these ones coming out in a hand of Scrabble!) I figured I would group them all together in one post to finish up.

Things I Love.


Who doesn’t love a good wedding? I know I do! I’ve only ever been to one wedding I haven’t enjoyed but free red wine helped solve that! I love weddings so much, I became a wedding photographer. There is something lovely about watching a wedding day pan out too.


I can admit here that I have nothing I love for X.


I love these things! I used to think they were just as brilliant as slinkys (Which I still think are fantastic and I do still own one!) and shamefully the only thing I could do with a yoyo was let it go up and down it’s string.. None of these fancy-pants tricks that I always saw people doing! It’s just a shame that children these days would look at you strangely if you handed them one to entertain themselves with. They’d probably also somehow get banned from schools because they managed to find something dangerous to do with them.


Yeahhh you thought I would be predictable and say Zebras didn’t you? I do love a cute zebra as much as the next person but zeedonks are where it’s at I’m afraid. They’re donkeys with zebra print tights on!


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