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Christmas Gift Set Ideas: For Her.

Every year, I think every single one of us receive a bath set of some variety. It’s either of something we really love or something we think “Oh right.. Thanks?” (Admit it, we’ve all done it!) This year however there are a lot of fantastic gift sets from bubble baths to beauty! Here is my list of the top 10 sets out this year!

Soap & Glory.

I couldn’t decide out of these two Soap & Glory sets which one is my favourite so have them both! I sniffed them both when I was in Boots and they are lovely! Each set comes with a body butter, shower gel, hand cream, body scrub and a loofah!

Both sets are available from Boots at £10.00 each.

Soap & Glory Your Own Sweet Lime gift set.

Soap & Glory Soap For The Best gift set.

Lynx Attract For Her.

I received this set myself last year from my parents and it is fantastic! Not only is it a brilliant price, you’ll use everything in it! The Lynx deodorant can is the perfect size to just throw into your handbag and the shower gel helps the scent of the deodorant last longer too!

This set is available from Superdrug for £3.00!

Lynx Attract For Her Duo gift set.

Baylis & Harding.

I’m always intrigued to see what sets Baylis & Harding bring out and this year I have two favourites for you!

This year I stumbled across this Beauticology – Gingerbread Collection mini bathtub set on Amazon and thought it was fantastic! The set comes in a mini plastic bathtub (which would be perfect to put your hair pins and spare hair bands in once you open it because they’re always a pain to keep track of!) It comes with a 50ml Gingerbread scented body wash, a 30ml Creamy Marshmallow Frosting body butter and an amazing 15ml Hot Chocolate lip butter. I find lip balms/butters brilliant around this time of year because it is a common occurrence to wake up with a split in your lip because of the cold weather.

This set is available from Debenhams for £6.00!

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Gingerbread Collection gift set.

I couldn’t resist but add this set from the beauticology range too! It comes in many different forms (Sets with just body butters, bubble baths, etc) but this one is my favourites from the Macaron range. The set comes with 100ml Strawberry Macaron body wash, 100ml Blackcurrant Macaron shower créme and a bar of Raspberry Cream Macaron soap. All of the scents are nice and delicate too, just like the flavor in macarons!

This set is available from Tesco for £6.00!

Baylis & Harding Beauticology Macaron Trio gift set.

Laqa & Co. Cosmetics.


Now I would be silly not to include the Laqa & Co.’s Laqa Lip Lube Fiver Kit. I received a Laqa & Co. Lip Lube in Menatour from Birchbox in August and thought it was fantastic. Not only does it lightly moisturize your lips but the colours are nice and vibrant. This set has a colour for every season and is set to be a favourite!

This set is available from for £30.00

Laqa & Co. Cosmetics Laqa Lip Lube Fiver Kit gift set.

The Body Shop.


Gift sets from The Body Shop are always a winner with people, as long as you get the fragrance they love! One of my personal favourites from this years sets is the Frosted Cranberry Tubes of Treasures. I went into The Body Shop recently and had a sniff of almost everything Christmas related and this is the one I would pick for myself. It smells exactly how cranberry sauce tastes (You all know what I mean by this… It’s like being able to smell rain or snow on the air!) The set is in a very cute box and includes a shower gel, body butter, body polish and a loofah.

This is available from The Body Shop for £15.00

Frosted Cranberry Tubes of Treasures gift set.



I treated myself to this beautiful little set on the Amazon Black Friday sales. I am a huge huge fan of OPI as I feel it strengthens my nails and lasts an awfully long time with minimum chipping! This is the OPI Nordic Collection – Little Northies. The set comprises of 4 mini OPI nail lacquers (3.75ml) which are the perfect size as you can use them before they start thickening up and going gloopy like most nail varnishes do. The set has the colours My Dogsled Is A Hybrid, Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm?, My Voice Is A Little Norse and How Great Is Your Dane? Currently I am rocking the combo of How Great Is Your Dane? with My Voice Is A Little Norse over the top of an accent nail on each hand and it is fantastic!

This set is available on Amazon for £19.38

OPI Nordic Collection – Little Northies gift set.

Lord & Berry.

This year, exclusively to, Lord & Berry have a gift set including their fantastic, long-lasting eyeliner, eyebrow fixer, and a beautifully pigmented lipstick crayon…All in a branded make-up bag! I have nothing but praise for L&B products, they are simply brilliant! I received a free lipstick crayon and eyeliner from Birchbox and fell in love with the brand through those two products, so much so I  just had to purchase a new red lipstick crayon for the winter seasons!

This set is exclusive to for £20.00.

Lord & Berry Eye and Lip set.

Laura Ashley.

laura ash

Not only is this Laura Ashley set just adorable to look at (I mean come on, look at that gorgeous print!!) but it is really good on your skin too! In the mini indulgence set you get a hand soap, shower cream, body lotion and a fragrance mist. The scent is nice and delicate so it isn’t overpowering and would be suitable for anybody!

The set is available from Boots for £10.00!

Laura Ashley Mini Indulgence set.

There it is, my top 10 gift sets for her this festive season! If bath and beauty products do not tickle your fancy, there are plenty of foodie gifts out there this year too!

What gift sets do you want to receive this year?


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