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New Year Nail Polishes!

Most people fuss more over what they will wear for New Years rather than what nail polish they’ll be wearing for the big night.. But I feel if my nails look brilliant, who cares what I’m wearing, right?

Look 1 

The first look I would go for this season on my nails would be glitter of course! Two or three thick coats of OPI’s My Voice Is A Little Norse from the Nordic 2014 collection would be fantastic on its own because it looks like a glitter bomb has just gone off solely on your nails. It would match a simple little black dress or any glitzy outfit you decide on! This glitter varnish is a combo of tiny speckles of glitter with a very fine dusting of silver included. Great on it’s own, it is also just as good over the top of any coloured varnish!

Look 2

I am still yet to actually use this varnish but it was one of my excellent Black Friday purchases. It is a gorgeous bright bluey-purple colour and I am absolutely blown away by how bright it comes out in swatches, it really is true to the colour in the bottle when it dries! If you want to make a statement this New Years, go for something super bright!

Look 3

My third look is with OPI’s To Be or Not to Beagle from the Peanuts collection. It is yet another glitter varnish (So shoot me, I love a bit of glitter!)  which features beautiful multicolour hexagons and very thin strands of black glitter too. Just make sure that all your glitter is laying flat before you put a topcoat on otherwise it’ll be all uneven and scratchy!

How will you be doing your nails for New Years?


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