Health & Beauty Essentials.

My most recent stint of silence has been because I have been testing some health and beauty products for you all, so I can give you accurate reviews of the products. I’m sure everyone else finds it just as frustrating as I do when you research into a new product and the only things you can find about it are “The packaging is nice…” as a review. So I have tested all of the below products and they are in my daily regime now because they’re all fantastic!

 Dr Jart + Pore Refine Tight Effect Toner

I received this product as a full sized item in my Cosy At Home Birchbox (2014) and got rather excited because not only is it very rare that you get something this good as a full size product from Birchbox, but it is also herbal! To use this product, I give the bottle a good shake to mix it up and then pump two to three squirts onto a cotton pad and apply it to my skin after I’ve washed my face. It is recommended that you cleanse beforehand, but I do this normally once or twice a week because I find that this Toner also helps lift a lot  of the crap and gunk from your skin! Since using this product every night before bed for the past few weeks I have noticed an amazing difference in my skin. I used to suffer from very oily skin which would cause me to get a ghastly amount of spots on my forehead, nose and chin. However now I get maybe one or two every now and then (Mostly after a greasy food binge!) and my skin very rarely gets oily.

The Dr Jart + Pore Refine Tight Effect toner is £18 full size and you can get it on!

Naobay Body Radiance Lotion


I received a sample of this product in my June Birchbox and fell in love with the product there and then. I managed to make my sample last as long as physically possible (Which was not easy considering how tiddly the size was!) but I finally managed to save my Birchbox points to buy the full size version of this product (For it to annoyingly go on sale the next day!) This moisturizer has done absolute wonders for my skin as it isn’t greasy and doesn’t have any of the harmful chemicals that end up drying my skin out instead of “helping” it. I also use this on my face every now and then if it seems a bit dry after the day or when I wake up in the morning, which is something I am getting used to after the Dr Jart+ Toner stopping my skin from being oily!

The Naobay Body Radiance Lotion is available from for £14! (Another bonus is the wooden lid is made from recycled wood!)

Burt’s Bees Hand & Foot Cream

Burts Bees HAnd and Foot

I had these on my Amazon wishlist over the festive period and when they disappeared I got very excited (Thank you Mumma duck!) as I had sampled a few Burt’s Bees products whilst working at Debenhams and thought they were absolutely fantastic. The hand cream is Honey & Grapeseed Oil and it smells amazing. It isn’t as much of an intensive hand treatment as the Hand Slave, but it is very good! The only down fall is, I have to put this on last before bed otherwise my hands are all slippery and I have to run downstairs going “Mummmy! Can you open all of these for me?” and finish my regime downstairs so sh can do the bottles up as well!

The foot cream is Coconut which is a scent I’m growing to love these days (I used to turn my nose up at the thought of anything coconut, but I still can’t eat the stuff!) but I noticed when putting the lotion on, it has a slight minty smell to it too (Coconut and mint, sounds like a bad cocktail, right?!) It is more of a gel than a proper lotion but I find if I put it on before bed, then put a thin pair of trainer socks on afterwards, it helps it soak in properly leaving my feet all nice and soft in the morning!

Burt’s Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream & Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil

burts bees lemon cuticle

These two items are also part of the Burt’s Bee’s set from my wishlist. The lemon butter cuticle cream has been an absolute lifesaver! Since using it, my nails and cuticles have been looking more healthier than normal, plus my cuticles don’t seem to dry out any more (Hoorah for Burt’s Bees!) which helps my manicures last longer as I don’t find myself picking at annoying dry cuticles and accidentally chipping my varnish off at the same time!

The replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil has also been a lifesaver for me. I normally take a glass of water to bed and apply a tonne of lip balm before I go to sleep because I have found myself waking up with awfully dry lips in the morning, which then start splitting very soon after I wake up (Ouchies!) and since running out of my Hersheys Cookies & Cream Kisses Lip Balm, I have been using this one from Burt’s Bees. The oils really help keep my lips nice and soft, and I rarely wake up with split lips in the morning now!

You can get the Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Hands and Feet set from Amazon for £12.15!

OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

opi base coat

OPI are my go-to nail polishes these days as they are long lasting, have an amazing array of colours and excellent formula. So why wouldn’t I invest in the base coat?! Even if I am not painting my nails, I’ll stick a coat of this on as good nail protection for whatever I am doing. It also works amazingly as a base coat. I found that a lot of base coats go on nicely, and feel nice under my polish, but in the long run my nails still get stained. With the OPI Natural Nail Base Coat however, I have’t had this problem yet and I have used it with at least 30 different polishes (Including different brands, colours and textures) so I can highly recommend this product. I purchased mine from with the OPI Top Coat as a set for £12.99!

Electric Hair Electric Hydrate Shampoo


I received this product as a 30ml sample in my Sophia Webster December Birchbox (2014) and thought I might as well give it a chance because my current shampoo had started making my hair greasy again after only two or three days, which isn’t what I expected for a well known brand. When I first tried this from my teeny tiny sample bottle, I found that a little goes A VERY LONG WAY. I splodged a 50p piece size onto the palm of my hand and was absolutely amazed at how much it lathered up and covered my hair, it also smelled amazing too. I decided against using conditioner afterwards, so I could see the full effect of the shampoo. I was blown away at how soft my hair was afterwards and how freaking shiny it was! No product has ever made my hair feel this nice after one use and with such a small amount too! I have used the shampoo three times and Mumma duck has used it twice and there is still enough in the bottle for one more of us to wash our hair. Mumma has also said that it doesn’t feel like you need conditioner after using it and how it also makes her hair feel nice and soft! So much so, we are both chipping in for a full size bottle!

Get the Electric Hair Electric Shampoo for £17.50 on Birchbox UK!

So these are my health and beauty essentials with the links to buy all of the products too! What are your health and beauty essentials?


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