Subscription Boxes.

I love receiving post, whether it’s something I’ve ordered online or something I had forgotten I’d even requested! I’ve decided to do a post about the subscription boxes that I receive, including if they’re worth the money you end up paying for them. I’ll also have a few boxes/subscription services that I might sign up for to try for you all too!


Jan 2015 Birchbox

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I LOVE Birchbox. Normally every post where I recommend something, I’ve either linked the website somehow or mentioned that that is where I found out about the product/brand. If it wasn’t for some of the products I was sent to test, I would still have icky oily skin and be wearing chip nail polish that chips at the thought of any activity. Birchbox have provided me with some excellent samples and some samples that I sit and question “Why on earth would anybody need/want/buy/pay that price for that?!” so those samples normally end up being given to someone else. I have found that some of the samples can be a bit hit and miss, normally with nail varnishes but I am rather picky about what I put on my nails these days. One of the worst brands I have received in my box are polishes from Models Own. The first one I received (July 2014) was Roman Candle from their Fireworks collection. I was excited because of two things.. It was glittery and it was pink! The one downfall I found with that polish was it lasted a total of 3 days which is disappointing when it is advertised as “hard wearing”. The second polish I received (December 2014) subscribers were given the choice of colours to receive. I opted for Amethyst from the Velvet Goth collection which when I swatched, I wasn’t too impressed with the formula.

However sometimes Birchbox can be so on point, it leaves me expecting even better for the next month. Also, the boxes that they send the product out in are brilliant to keep and to use for storage! I have kept all of the boxes that I’ve received and have got purposes for them all! Here are what I’ve done with mine:

I keep two boxes downstairs, one for myself and one for my Mum. We keep any moisturizers we regularly use and any make up so it saves us from having to run upstairs or remember where we last put it. As you could probably guess, mine is the one that is over-flowing.



I keep the rest of my boxes upstairs in my bedroom to keep everything nice and tidy. I have a box next to my bed with all of my medication I take in the morning and any that I have to take at night in. It helps keep the unsightly array of medicine boxes to a minimum and then I also remember to take them all too! I have two others on my cabinet with my other beauty products. The brown one is products I’m still yet to test and the Sophia Webster box is products I am currently using up.


My last two boxes are for nail polish items. One contains non-branded nail polishes from cheap sets I have bought or have been gifted and the other contains my nail care/nail art items.

Why not try a Birchbox? It is £10 a month and £2.95 postage but it is well worth it! Sign up with this unique link to receive 50 extra Birchbox points (Worth £5) to spend in the Birchbox shop.



I’ve been receiving Graze boxes on and off over the past few years but I have been enjoying them a lot more recently as I have been cutting down on my portion sizes and eating better. I get my boxes delivered every two weeks on a Tuesday and they normally arrive on time or a day early (Except a few months before Christmas, they were up to a week late but Graze customer service is AMAZING!) They have an excellent array of snacks for you to pick and choose from. When you first sign up, you can trawl through their selection of snacks and rate them between “bin” “try” “like” love” and there is even a special option to “send soon” for those ones you just can’t wait to try!

The Graze box is £3.99 a box with free postage. If you sign up with my special friend code AMYC44GQ you will receive your 1st, 5th AND 10th box for free! Even if you only want one box to try, it will ask you for card details but you WILL NOT be charged for your first box and you can cancel at any time! Sign up to Graze here.


Source: Primrose Hill Jewellery

I was poking around on the Primrose Hill website for a gorgeous new pair of earrings and came across these little beauties which I just had to have. When finishing my browse of the website, I came across the JewelCrush box. You can select three different subscription plans where depending on which plan you pick, changes the amount of items you get. I opted for the £6.99 option, which is the cheapest, as a little treat to myself because I had become very ill. I received an email asking to fill out a questionnaire with my jewelry preferences and I stated that I loved silvers, pinks, purples and other bright colours. I also said that I liked to mix my styles up a bit. I then eagerly awaited my box to arrive! It arrived Royal Mail Signed For (Postage is free so naturally I was already very impressed!) The box came very well packaged and was just adorable! I’m a sucker for cute packaging and the boxes that the JewelCrush subscriptions come in (See photo above)  are just amazing. Everything comes in little banded organza drawstring bags which are useful to reuse if travelling. I received two items in my box and was very happy with both items. The first one was this Fiorelli Costume Bracelet, worth £36.00. It is made up of three separate bracelets and it fits the criteria I said in my preference questionnaire. I also received these Fiorelli Costume Earrings, worth £10.00. They are a little bit for me for everyday wear, but I am sure I will find the perfect outfit for them to go with!

Try a JewelCrush box from Primrose Hill Jewellery and pick your plan here!

Boxes I Want To Try.

One day when I was flitting through Twitter, Pink Parcel popped up as a suggestion/advert. I was drawn to click on the link by how cute the logo was and that it looked like a specialist box. On my research, Pink Parcel is a monthly box for “that time of the month”.  All you have to do is tell them which brand of sanitary products you would like to receive, the dates you’re due on, and then sit back and await the arrival of your parcel which arrives 3-5 days before you’re due to start your period. The box includes little treats for you to help ease all of the horrible-ness that can go with having a period. The box is £9.99 a month but your first ever box is £5.95 and all prices include the delivery charge. I have to say all of the boxes I have seen look really good, so the temptation is there!

What boxes/services are you subscribed to or tempted to try?


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