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Keep Fit This January!

January is the month of many people trying to eat healthier and get fit, be it going for a jog each day, drinking more water or signing up for your local gym.

Source: Pinterest.

This year I am determine to get down to my goal size and after managing to shed a lot of weight whilst working as a travelling school photographer in September, I feel it is more of an achievable target than it would’ve been if I had set myself it a year ago.  I feel more driven to get things done at the moment which I think is because I’m sick and tired of being annoyed about things that I can change, so I’m getting off of my butt and doing something about it!

I decided to go on the hunt for exercises that would help the areas I wanted to target. So where did I go to? Pinterest of course! I created a board called EXERCISE and started pinning! After testing out my Pilates Resistance Band from Birchbox with Women’s Health, I found a set of three resistance bands (All with different resistances) and a resistance band with handles in a local shop. Then I picked up a yoga mat, gym ball and started working out!

In school I was always bullied for my weight. I was chubby and had a rather round face. I put on a brave face and just got in with life, as you do at that age. I hated PE at school because I was never any good at it. I know it sounds like I’m making excuses but I was also going through struggles with my health condition, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which wasn’t easy on my joints. The only things I enjoyed was gym and rounders, but anything else I was just uncomfortable. It didn’t help that PE lessons would just give the people bullying me for my weight more ammo to use when tormenting me.


I work out in my bedroom because I am still not 100% comfortable with everybody seeing me all sweaty with a face that resembles a ripe tomato! However I have started feeling a bit better about my body, so much so, check out the photo above! I’m showing stomach! I would never dream of posting anything like that before but after all my struggles with my body since being in school I felt I should show off my confidence! I have also noticed that since I started to work out, my mood has lifted and I’m not having as many lower days too. Every now and then I also have a fluffy workout assistant!


I have also have changed my eating habits too as I just kept eating rubbish which was making me feel tired and sluggish. I’ve started drinking an awful lot of green tea too which I have found is making me feel nice and energized!

What exercises are you doing to get into shape? Are you taking on any new diets?


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