Film Review: As Above, So Below.

I heard about the film As Above, So Below from youtuber PewDiePie when he uploaded the video “As Above, So Below: Catacombs Challenge” to his channel (See video below)

Amazingly, I had never actually knew about the Paris Catacombs but was absolutely captivated by learning about them through his videos and research. I just had to do a lot of waiting for it to come out.. I do not recall it being shown in my local cinema and I then completely forgot about it. I then saw an advert just after Christmas for it on TV saying it was out on DVD so I went right to Amazon and didn’t care what I paid for it!

I was saving it to watch with somebody because I am one of those people who like watching horror/jumpy films but I am an absolute wimp and hate watching them on my own! (I had to watch The Grudge downstairs, in broad daylight with Mum nearby and a dog on my lap!) But I decided to brave it on my own when I had a free afternoon and oh my goodness.

I absolutely loved this film! I jumped a few times and screamed once, which woke all three dogs up who then sat there staring at me in confusion. In fact I loved it so much, when my father got home and saw I had it on DVD, we sat down and watched it again!

The movie is filmed like a documentary following the main character, Scarlet Marlowe, on her mission to find the Philosophers Stone and to finish the work/research that her deceased father had started.  The story then carries on following Scarlet and filmmaker Benjy, who end up going through the catacombs below Paris with a group of people helping them. Slowly but surely the catacombs unfold and everything starts getting spooky and more cryptic.

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the film because I do not want to ruin it for anybody who hasn’t already seen it. I can highly recommend the film to anybody and everybody! It is definitely one I will be watching a few more times too.

After watching this film, I now want to save up to travel to Paris to visit the catacombs and learn more about them.

Read about the Paris Catacombs on wikipedia and the official website.

Buy As Above, So Below on Amazon, or Tesco Direct.


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