Review: HealGel Body.


In my January Birchbox I was sent this adorable little tube of HealGel Body. I had never heard of this brand or product before so I was excited to give it a try!

Gently nourish troublesome areas of skin with this easily absorbed lotion from HealGel. The lightweight gel contains soothing arnica and madecassoside liposomes to target distressed areas, leaving them calm and regenerated; perfect for relieving irritable spots, restoring dry skin and helping to retain moisture throughout the day.

I already have a go-to moisturizer that works amazing for me, so I was unsure as to when I would find a time to try this. Then, out of my own misfortune and stupidity, I managed to give myself a first degree burn on my thumb from a microwave meal! My usual Naobay moisturizer stung the heck out of it but as the HealGel says it helps “Calm, Nourish & Regenerate” with its “Advance Skin Rescue Body Formula” I figured what’s the harm in trying! Once My burn had stopped stinging like no tomorrow and had started to dry my skin out and almost make the burn area feel leathery, I put a tiny amount of HealGel on it three times a day for roughly 5 days and it worked wonders! With my health condition, I scar easily so I thought I would end up having an unsightly scar on my thumb, but with the way this gel worked, you’d never be able to tell!

The gel goes onto the skin really well and you do not have to sit there for ages rubbing it in either. It is unscented but feels nice and fresh on the skin, not heavy like some moisturizing products. Another benefit of the HealGel, you need the smallest amount ever. Think of a glass pin head, that is all I needed, if that! A little most definitely goes a long way!

A full size tube of 100ml retails at £39.50 on Birchbox. I personally will not be investing in a full size tube because apart from having a burn on my thumb and using it to help nourish and repair that area, I am loyal to my current body lotion. Also, simply wouldn’t be able to afford that price for a product, no matter how amazing it is! On the plus side, I still have plenty left in case I have any more burn mishaps!

You’re able to purchase HealGel Body on or from directly!


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