Review: EOS Honeydew Lip Balm.

I’m sure we have all heard of EOS lip balms by now. Whether it be by other beauty bloggers or youtubers, etc. I was sent one in December to try out and figured I would test it over the coldest month to see how it helped my lips!


I was sent the flavour Honeysuckle & Honeydew which comes in a gorgeous lime green sphere. I was excited about this lip balm, mostly for the packaging! Normally lip balms come in the small tubes that we end up throwing in our handbag for convenience but because of the size and shape, they find a little corner of your bag where they won’t come back from unless shaken upside down. This one however, fits perfectly between things in my bag and I never have to dig around to find it.

This lip balm is packed fulled of shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil, which all help keep lips soft, smooth and hydrated. EOS lip balms are also 95% organic and 100% natural. I found that the combination of ingredients worked really well on my lips and really did help keep them nice and soft during December. Normally my lip balms help keep my lips hydrated for an hour or so, but this one lasts at least 3 hours before I feel the need to reapply it!

The one downfall I found.. I can’t use it before bed. I normally apply lip balm before bed so when I wake in the morning my lips are not all dry and sore, but due to this lip balm feeling like it needed reapplying every three hours, when I woke up, sore lips!

EOS lip balms come in many different, amazing flavours. See their website here.


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