Beauty Review: Pure BB Cream.

As February is almost over, it seems bills and fares are getting higher. So expensive beauty habits can become rather crippling, especially when you’re trying to save for the trip of your dreams as well! I’ll be reviewing cheaper beauty products to see if they are better alternatives to items with higher price tags.


For the past two weeks I have been trying the Pure BB Cream Daily All In One in the colour Light which I purchased for roughly £1.99 from my local Home Bargains.

I haven’t used any BB creams before, normally I just stick some moisturizer on and then go about my usual make-up routine so I was interested to see how I would get on with this as I have always had horrific experiences with foundation in the past (Probably due to my inexperience!) and lines are always something I am conscious about.

The first time I applied the BB cream, I used my beautyblender and had a small amount on the back of my hand. From this first use, all I can say is, a little goes a long way! You found me then trying to get what was left on my hand back in the tube!

The cream goes on very well and blends nicely. The shade “light” was perfect for me, although I found I did have to be careful when applying it near my brows as it went slightly darker. I found it very easy to get a nice even coverage with this product and I was definitely left happy with the results.


I took the photograph above after the first time I used the Pure BB Cream when I was on my way out and was told by a few people I looked a little more “glowy” than usual. I also didn’t have to use as much concealer as I usually would because the balm helps even the skin tone and blur imperfections.


On the left is before I put any products on, and the right is after the Pure BB Cream, concealer under my eyes, eyeliner and brow pencil.

I found a few flaws with this product, but I wasn’t expecting it to be perfect. On the box it says it hydrates the skin and when you apply it, it does feel like a good hydrating product. The only problem I had, was when I took it off. Where I was blending the product into my hairline (To avoid any unsightly lines in case “Light” wasn’t light enough) it was severely drying my forehead out meaning at night, more moisturizer would go on than normal, which isn’t so great on my hair! The other issue I found was that if you do not blend it properly, you can be left with patches that are a bit.. Orange. Not Wotsits orange, but like a faded spray tan orange. Plus no matter what, it WILL come off on a wipe that colour!

I would highly recommend the Pure BB Cream Daily All In One from Home Bargains for anybody looking for a nice cheap BB cream, but my only advice is, be careful on the colour you pick up!


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