Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Nail Colour – Review.

Receiving emails asking me to review things is always one of my favourite things to find in my inbox. So naturally when asked to review a bottle of Sally Hansen nail polish, I jumped at the chance! I have tried a Sally Hansen polish before and loved it so much for its colour and formula. Plus it also lasted a very long time.

All I knew was that the polish would be from the Lustre Shine collection which comes in 8 different colours. When my package arrived, I ripped it open in excitement and out fell shade 003 Firefly. It would not have been my first choice of colours but it helped push me to try a different colour to something I would normally pick!

Firefly is a gorgeous copper/gold metallic base with a very slight greeny-bluey-mild purple shimmer/colour-shift to it, depending on what light you catch it in.

Swatch: One coat of Firefly.
Swatch: One coat of Firefly.

I went ahead and prepped my nails with Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream and then my OPI Natural Nail base coat. The first coat went on really well, a bit thin and brush stroky in places but that could be sorted out on the next coat.

Swatch: Two coats of Firefly.
Swatch: Two coats of Firefly.

I found the first coat dried nice and evenly unlike some polishes that run to the sides of the nail when drying. The second coat filled in any uneven gaps left from the first coat and really enhanced the metallic properties of the polish. It also made the colour-shift more prominent.

When doing my nails I always use a top coat, but to test the durability of the polish, I left out the top coat from my normal routine. I have to say that I was very impressed with how long it lasted without chipping! After a week of wear, I noticed the smallest chip on the tip of my pointer finger. Two days after that it really started coming off. Nine days is excellent for a polish without a top coat!

When it came to removing the polish left on my nails, I am always apprehensive as polishes with metallic properties in them normally stain my nails, even with a base coat on beforehand. It was really easy to remove and there wasn’t a smidge of staining that I could see. My nails underneath weren’t split or damaged either, in fact my nails felt stronger than they do after using colours that claim to have “nail strengtheners” in.

I would definitely recommend polishes from the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine collection which is available from Amazon and eBay.


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