Guess who’s back!

I’m back! It has been an awfully long since I posted my review on a Sally Hansen nail polish and since then it is like I dropped off of the radar. But now I am back, I am hoping to be more reliable with  my posts and not disappear without any explanations first!

The reason I have been gone so long this time is, once again, down to my health. As you all know my health is a bit like a yo-yo, always up and down, but more recently it has involved long lists, scans and waiting to get through to the doctors surgery at 7am. I’m now also on a few new medications that actually require me to remember to do something with my life in the middle of the day.

Let’s just celebrate that I’m back!


So what have I actually been up to I hear you ask. Reading. Baking and painting my nails. Yup, that is pretty much it. To escape from the health rubbish I’ve been burying myself in books. Painting my nails as a little pick-me-up and baking (Then over-indulging on carrot cake!) I am feeling much better, especially as I may have secured myself an apprenticeship as well. Things are starting to look up!




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