Beauty favourites!

Recently I have been mixing my skin care and beauty regime. After trying so many different products, I seem to have found things that my skin actually agrees on! I used to have rather oily skin, but since altering my diet (Cutting out majority of junk foods, drinking green tea and an awful lot of water. Soda as a treat every now and then) my skin has stopped being oily and I rarely get breakouts!


As you can see in the photo of myself above, my skin is actually kind of glowing which I am totally in love with! Just a shame it’s taken me so long to find something that helps. It’s all trial and error though!

IMG_9974Before bed, I use a small amount of my Caudalie Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum with a clean make up sponge that I use especially for moisturizer all over my face. I then use my ring finger and apply a small amount of Benefits It’s Potent! Eye Cream under both eyes. If I find the small startings of a spot, I use my blackhead/spot extractors to clear out any gunk so it doesn’t become too big and inflamed.


For my make up, I usually go bare faced. However if I am going out or my skintone looks slightly uneven, I use Natural Collection’s Colour Foundation in Porcelain applied with a beautyblender. Then I go over it with a light dusting of the Pressed Powder from Natural Collection in Neutral to eliminate any shine with my Premium Powder Brush from Wilko. I highly recommend the powder brush from Wilko, it is so freaking soft which also means it’s gentle on your skin. I’ve had other powder brushes in the past that felt like I was trying to apply my powder with a nasty old broom.


My hands are another area of my beauty/skin care regime that I’ve been messing around with. Mostly to see if there was anything else I could find that my nails do not suddenly go brittle or start peeling from and I always seem to revert back to my Burt’s Bees Honey & Grapeseed Hand Cream and my Lemon Cuticle Balm. All hail Burt’s Bees!

What are your beauty and skin care Holy Grails?


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