My Summer Playlist.

It’s getting brighter and we’re all spending more and more time outside. Even if I’m outside reading I like to have some background noise that isn’t my neighbour’s dog yapping away or their children screaming. So I stick on my summer playlist. This year I have come up with a bit of a gem. I needed a new CD for my car as I had worn out my Lower Than Atlantis self-titled album and The Good Youth album from Blitz Kids.

My summer playlist had to be something I wouldn’t get easily bored of and it would have to sound good up loud in my car. With a bit of inspiration from new released on the radio and plodding around on spotify, I think I have managed to come up with a pretty solid playlist (That might expand as the summer goes on..)

There is a lot of the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack on my summer playlist (Especially in my car!) I saw the film, loved it, haven’t stopped humming the songs since. Plus you’ve got to love the sassy Germans!

I’ve been listening to a lot of local bands again. (Thanks High/Low for getting me out of the house!) The support act I have seen a couple of times now, Charlie Wallis, is a favourite of mine. You know you listen to a song and it just sounds summery? This guy is that! Check out a teaser clip of his song Serendipity.

What songs are making up your summer playlist this year? Share your links in the comments below!


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